After a little postponement the first OFFICIAL album is now available! Order your copy in our » STORE « and receive a free download link!
The CD release party takes place September 22nd 2012 at the basement of the gym in Södel (see also 2 articles below). If you can wait that long and are able to make that way, you can get your CD there.
And everybody who already bought the Muddy Roots Europe Special Edition CD,
gets the promised download of the final version of the album now… after answering a simple question. ; )
Send a mail to contact(at)heinrich13.com and we’ll send you the question!

Sales at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, eBay etc. will follow…


Das hier ist eine Übersetzung aus dem holländischen. Den Originaltext findet man auf driftercountry.com. Vielen Dank an Carl Everaert!

Within the last few weeks Driftercountry.com was increasing activities on an international level. Besides a number of Canadian bands and an English band comes a German group. Heinrich XIII and the Devilgrass Pickers have a second CD release titled “13: the devil’s dozen”. The history of Heinrich XIII and the Devilgrass Pickers is a story that applies to many good country bands; the men took their first musical footsteps in other musical genres such as the metal scene. But in the time around 2005 the interest in country music was turned into a band; the Devilgrass Pickers. In 2009 the quintet from Wölfersheim, Germany bring out their first album, Devilgrass Country. A collection of demos, live recordings and experiments. Though the band considers “13: the devil’s dozen” their first official album. “13: the devil’s dozen” is a debut CD. And what a debut! I dare to say that many American bands can only dream of such a debut. The album sounds mature and can be compared with colleagues like Bob Wayne and Joel Kaiser. I don’t choose these names for no reason, because both, Joel Kaiser (Hobo Outlaws) and Liz Sloan (former fiddler Bob Wayne; now Filthy Still), play guest roles on the album. Heinrich XIII and the Devilgrass Pickers was one of the bands occurring on the European version of Muddy Roots 2012. The energy and sheer fun the band had slammed into the tent can also be heard on “13: the devil’s dozen”. When you have a chance to see that band live, don’t hesitate!


Because they did’n let us to the Muddy Roots Festival in the USA, the Muddy Roots Festival comes to Europe. With a line-up that doesn’t have to hide behind his american mother. On saturday 9th and sunday 10th of june 2012 a new chapter in european music history will be written in Waardamme/Belgium, while you’re going cozy blind from the enjoyment of slefmade booze… and who want’s to miss that?!?


BOB WAYNE’s 2012

The latest Heinrich XIII/Chaos Productions work finally declassified for an official release:


Die USA hat J.B. Beverley nicht ausreisen lassen, was bedeutet, dass er seine ganze Europa Tour nicht wahrnehmen kann und deswegen auch unser Rebel meets Bembel am 21. Oktober 2011 im Keller der Turnhalle Södel nicht stattfinden kann. Staatsfeind #1: der Musiker


I don’t know, what’s wrong with us, but somehow we just can’t make it into the US. This time we even got banned for lifetime and we can only come back with special visas. Fingerprints were taken very, very accurate and the gangster photos we’re shot and we almost had to spent the night in prison.
At least we made it to american ground this year. Maybe we’ll see something outside the Airport next year…

So: all 2011 USA shows are cancelled.


Maybe some dates will change or some will be added, but the short H13 U.S. tour is confirmed:

Wed Aug 24: The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN
with Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

Thu Aug 25: Tip Top – Grand Rapids, MI
with Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

Fri Aug 26: B.J.’s Happy Hour Radio Show
You can hear us friday night live on savingcountrymusic.com at 8:00 PM Central/9:00 Est.

Sat Aug 27: Unique Bar & Grill – Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Mon Aug 29: The Southgate House – Newport, KY
with Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

Tue Aug 30: Kinetic Playground – Chicago, IL
with The Henhouse Prowlers a.k.a. Sexfist

Wed Aug 31: Cavern Club – Ann Arbour, MI
with Black Jake and the Carnies

A very special thanks to Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, Joe Bertoletti and Jake Zettelmaier and the rest of Black Jake and the Carnies, Ben and The Henhouse Prowlers, Gina Hancock from Roudbound Bookings, Jolanda Garcia from Europe DeLuxe Bookings, B.J. Christy, Karen Abney Korn and Dwayne Wood for helping us making this tour possible!

We’ll also be at the Muddy Roots Festival in Cookeville, outside Nashville, TN on saturday September 3 and sunday September 4. We’ll be there as normal visitors, but perhaps you can see one or another guest appearance there… ; )


The for 2011 planned Heinrich XIII and the Devilgrass Pickers USA Tour will take place. We’ll be in the american east from August 21 until September 5 and we’ll also pay the Muddy Roots Festival a visit as guests. Show dates will follow…


On sunday the 30. of August 2009 BOB WAYNE AND THE OUTLAW CARNIES, HEINRICH XIII AND THE DEVILGRASS PICKERS and ESCALATIONUNIT CHAOS ENGINE will perform in the basement of the Wetterauhalle in Wölfersheim/Germany.
So BOB WAYNE who is in Germany within the scope of his almost 2-month european tour will also do short stopover at our place.

doors at 0700 pm
start 0800 pm

An event you shouldn’t miss!