Wir behaupten diese Compilation CD muss man haben! 21 großartige Bands + uns für nur 8 Dollar!

GET YOUR COPY AT www.muddyrootsrecords.com

„We got 22 of our friends together to put out this all star underground roots CD. This is more than just a CD release though. We pressed these as a promotion to get these bands music out at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City, Mo. This is the core of everything Folk music related. Many radio DJs, festival owners, booking agencies, and publications will be there. We have made a deal with the conference to get a CD to every single registered guest. That is 2000+ people! This is so much more than promoting Muddy Roots as a brand. We are attending to promote every band that is like us. We are the outsiders. We are the folkies on the fringe. We are the new roots. Each band will have a few for their merch tables on their next tour. The rest we saved for you. This is a one time deal. Get yours now for only $8! When you purchase a CD you help us promote the scene. Thank you in advance for your support!“

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