The cornerstone for HEINRICH XIII AND THE DEVILGRASS PICKERS was set in the early 80ies. At this time the singer and guitarist of the band, Henric Steuernagel was still in an early age and was deeply influenced by American movies and American music. Back then the first sympathies for country music built up.
In the following years, in which also the name “HEINRICH” was imposed on him, his way lead to a heavier path. A metallic path to be exact: in 1996 he founded the metal band ESCALATIONUNIT CHAOS ENGINE where he is singing and playing guitar until today and which present members built a part of the DEVILGRASS PICKERS‘ orchestration.

HEINRICH‘s plan always was to found a country band if he ever turns 50. But because of the concatenation of happy and unhappy circumstances, it happened to take place 20 years earlier…
2005 the first tentative steps took place on a softer and also very fertile country ground. A few songs have been written and some cover versions have been given at the domestic rehearsal space.
Three years later there was no way back anymore: HEINRICH XIII AND THE DEVILGRASS PICKERS had to be founded. There were enough own songs, musicians with a country soul and an irrepressible will.



At first Joscha “Puky” Pulkert, who never played a string instrument before, officially joined the DEVILGRASS PICKERS and took over the bass fiddle. Nevertheless he left the band in 2015 and made room for his successor Dennis Kraus, who originally was hired to play the mandolin. After Puky, Christoph Kipper followed on drums and he is also picking up the mandolin for the a bit calmer songs. Sergej Köhn found after years of musical experiments his purpose and discovered the banjo for himself. Sascha Malfeld also had to put his attention on two instruments. He took over the electric guitar and the dobro/electric dobro.
Only the last DEVILGRASS PICKER on the fiddle didn’t show up yet. We all can be curious about if he will signify himself in the future…

“DEVILGRASS COUNTRY” is the inofficial first album. 13 tracks containing demos, live recordings and songs that won’t make it on the successor “13: THE DEVIL’S DOZEN”, completely home recorded. It came out 2009 and was limited to 1000 physical copies.
The second album “13: THE DEVIL’S DOZEN” followed 2012. Once more 13 songs about the good and bad things in life and some entertaining fictional stories. All velocities are included: from calm storytelling to fast sing along songs. It’s another a home recording project mastered at a professional audio studio.



On HEINRICH XIII records a lot of friends are involved, which also will be named here of course:
Billy Christy – radio voice »Link
Bob Wayne – vocals »Link
Brian “Uncle Buck” Ellard – fiddle »Link
Dan Infecto – bass »Link
Joel Kaiser – vocals »Link
Joscha Pulkert – bass »Link
Lester Raww – vocals »Link
Lisa Bates – fiddle »Link
Liz Sloan – fiddle »Link
Marcel “Beam” Böhm – vocals »Link
Martin Seibert – bass
Robin Walter – mandolin
Sebastian Lauermann – vocals »Link
Sergio Stiletto – pedal steel guitar »Link
Sven Klaka – electric guitar »Link